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Window Treatment?

April 15th, 2006 at 03:47 am

Back to our new place, I have been searching for drapes for some time and I finally found some last weekend that would look great in our family/nook/kitchen area. They were too much, it was going to cost $45/panel. I needed 11 panels plus the rods.
DH had mentioned the use of paper blinds for the meantime until we decide what to do. I did a little research and found them for about $5 each. I bought enough to cover all the windows in the house. DH likes them a lot and wouldn't mind having them around for a longer period of time. I spent about $200 for the paper shades instead of spending about $450 + tax for drapes and another 200 or so for rods. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't fall down.

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